Robin S. Cox

Robin Cox is a professor of the Master in Disaster and Emergency Management program in the School of Humanitarian Studies. Robin is also the Director of the ResilienceByDesign Research Innovation (RbD) lab on campus. Cox’s RbD lab is a trans-disciplinary, collaborative research space that brings together emerging scholars, graduate and undergraduate students and practitioners to explore and understand the human dimensions of disasters. As one of the university’s most prolific researchers, Robin and the RbD Team are engaged in a range of funded research projects, student theses and dissertations, and community- and youth- engagement projects. Their work emphasizes the transformative potential of participatory research with young people and communities, with a focus on exploring and contributing to individual and shared resilience and adaptive capacity in the face of the increasing frequency and magnitude of disasters and the growing impacts of climate change.

Robin uses multiple methodologies in research, however she and the RbD Lab have developed and frequently employ Creative Action Research, a type of participatory action research that emphasizes the power of creative process (e.g., visual storytelling, and arts- and nature-based methods), and reflection; integrates capacity building as an explicit component of the research process; and embraces individual and collective transformation as a research outcome.

You can find out more about Robin’s research on her website.

To find out more about Robin’s various research projects check out the ResilienceByDesign Research Innovation (RbD) and YCDR websites where you will find the creative stories and videos our participating youth have created.